Communication agency based in Wavre.


Strategy – Brand identity – Shop relooking


From strategy 
to expérience

Think before you act. Here at Flow, we believe in mapping out a strategy before going all in. We are a multi-tiered team with an experienced designer and a marketing strategist at the core, branching out into other areas with a team of hand-picked freelancers.

We are quick to take your pulse and design exactly what you have in mind, all the while catering to your audience with a hands-on approach. To do so, we draw road maps for brands, helping you develop your product with a fresh take on things. Because good design is more than pretty packaging and strategies should be more than a long list of utopian guidelines.

Let us get to the bottom of your product, trace its history, find out who your customers are and what tickles their fancy.

Together, we’ll build ways for you to connect with your consumers across all channels.


Let’s flow.

We create your brand


Your brand logo is the corner stone of your visual identity. We will provide you with myriad formats and colours, ensuring your emblem can be used on every type of medium: online, in print or as an object in itself. We’ll bring your logo to life and make it so flexible it bends backwards to suit your needs.


No logo without the right typography. This couple, as all others, needs to work together in harmony. The right font is chosen in accordance to the overall image, but within the limitations of both on- and offline media.


We will provide you with a graphic chart, thus insuring the use of your logo to be optimal under any circumstances. This chart will define fonts, colour schemes, symbols and other elements that make out your visual identity. It is a code of conduct, if you will, delineating the rules for visual communication, both internally and externally. It ties together all the visual components of your brand and will help your company maintain a consequent image throughout time and media.

Our experience has allowed us to carve a path to brand brilliance. The brand identity process requires a combination of investigation, strategic thinking, design excellence and project management skills. Your image is the first thing your future client will see, so patience is paramount when wanting to get things right. Together, we’ll imagine and create a visual identity for your brand. An image that reflects your values, your vision, your mission. 


  • Visual identity
    Graphic charts
    Administrative documents
  • Webdesign & e-commerce
  • Point of sale
    Shop lifting
    Textile & vinyl
  • Print
    Flyers, posters
    Booklets, annual reports
    Interactive PDF

  •  3D Prototyping

  • Photo 

Olivier Vereecken

Audrey de Fooz