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When we first meet, we might challenge you with a quick multiple choice quiz. See it as our way to find out who’s behind your brand. Tell us what your goals are, what challenges you face and where your future lies.



Our first meeting will be spent listening to you, analysing the market together and looking closely at the communication choices your competitors have made.



We will take all of this information into account and take some time for extensive research for your name and logo.



We’ll come back to you with not one but two logo proposals, based on the name you’ve chosen. Two entirely different universes to choose from. It’s up to you, really.



Your image needs to be as close to your skin as possible, which is why we’ll welcome your feedback and suggestions.



All of your ideas and improvements will be taken into account when reworking the proposed design.


Final presentation

We will provide you with ample variations and show you how your logo works in different media and settings.


Final delivery

At the very end, you’ll receive a package containing your logo as well as a graphic chart which clearly illustrates all different uses for your new identity. We’ll happily advise you on ways to legally protect your logo as well as your name.